iftar with honeybees

16 Aug 2011

Have I told you that my girl friends rock? Oh well, they really do. I love them so much!

And today, we had iftar together at Gokkana Teppan, Ciwalk. Too bad Boyan and Day couldn't come, so there were only me, Entin, and Mira. But we had fun, though. Here are some pictures :)

This one's taken by MyTubo. Do you have an account? Follow me! :D

Anyways, I've been feeling a little bit prettier lately. Look at my pinky outfit for the iftar today XD

Do you fast? How has Ramadan been so far for you?


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  1. Hi Putdar! Looks like you have fun. May I ask what is iftar? ;)

  2. Well yes, you may, Arvee! :)
    Iftar is a kind of meal that muslims have in early evening (dusk) to break their fast. You can click here to find out more about it.

  3. Hello putdar, I'm a silent reader in this blog. Love to see your style and I really enjoy reading your blog. FYI soon I'll have to go to Indonesia for my collaboration programme between universities. May I know what university you go to and course you're taking now? Would like to meet you!

    Xoxo, Malaysia.


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