i miss you (+ sponsorship info)

Busy, but still got time to take pictures = me

Whoa! August won't let me take a breath!

The good thing is... today is the last day of sanlat. I hope it means that I will not be as busy as I was these past weeks. I have abandoned this blog for too long. I even missed yesterday's Quoted Saturday. I'm sooo sad :(

Also, on August 27th my family and I are going to Nyai's house in Lampung and stay there for Lebaran until one week after it. Last time I went there, there was no internet connection. So to prepare for the worst, I'm not gonna accept any sponsor for September. Sponsorship will be re-open in late September for the month of October. I'm really sorry :(

Oh and before I forget, I want to say hi to my newest followers. Hi! Thanks for following me! :D

I'll see you (very, very) soon!


PS. Mr Boyfriend's dad is hospitalised. Please keep your thoughts and prayers on him and his family :(

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