on changing

31 Aug 2011

Some people forget but not forgive. Some other forgive but never forget. I am the latter and I guess you are the first. I always envy people who can easily forget, but now I understand that to be able to do both, forgiving and forgetting, is such a miracle. And it might be impossible for me.

I am a girl with a lot of mistakes. Some are necessary and others are not, I guess. They're merely... stupid. Foolish. I have said things I shouldn't have said. I have done things I shouldn't have done. This Ramadan, I had stopped for a while and looked back. There are so many people I've hurt badly. There are so many things I regret.

I told you I wanted to be a better person. I mean it. I do. And when I said "I'm sorry" today, I meant it. It wasn't because it's Eid al Fitr and I should apologise to people for the sake of formality. No. I swear I'm sorry.

I know some people don't really get what I mean. Some people can't believe that I want to change. I might have lied a lot in the past, but please trust me on this one.

And Lord, I know You're watching me from up above. I know You know, You understand, what I've been going through and what's really inside my heart. I know You appreciate every step I've made today. Lord, I know You know I just want to get closer to You. Please open up their heart as You have opened up mine. Please help me change. Your help is the only thing that I really need right now...


a sneak peek

30 Aug 2011

Blue sky, blue water, sand, trees, ships... Sunda strait!

Tell ya about it later ;)


see you later!

28 Aug 2011

So, Sunday has finally come, my friends. And if you read my previous post, you should've known that today I will be gone to Lampung (yay! Finally!). I am writing this to say good bye to you. I'm not quite sure if I will have internet access in Nyai's house, but here's for the worst. I will be back at September 4th or 5th. Eid mubarak to all my muslim friends. Happy holiday! :D


ladies and gentlemen, let me introduce you to...

27 Aug 2011

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quoted saturday


"The more I get to know you, the more I want you close to me."


dear blogosphere, i'm frustated.

26 Aug 2011

I should've been on my way to Nyai's house right now, but here I am writing a new blog post in the livingroom. Yep, I'm still in Bandung. Dad said we'd go to Lampung on Sunday. SUNDAY! Lebaran is on Tuesday and we will go to Lampung on SUNDAY! I hate my dad sometimes. Why should he be so busy at this time of year? I mean, Lebaran is supposed to be a special moment to gather with family, right?

I'm sorry for ranting here, friends. I'm just so mad. Really, really mad.


la la la... la photocabine!

25 Aug 2011

Months ago, I've posted something about La Photocabine, yes? The post had given La Photocabine a new fan. And yesterday, I succesfully made Mijra a fan too. We took, like, hundreds of pictures!

No. Just kidding. We only took 15 pictures. Among them, these two are my favourites:
"Let's pretend to be burglars who caught in the act. You steal the emergency lamp and I steal the printer. Quick! Grab it!"

"Now I'm a rock star. And you're my biggest fan."

She's CRAZY!


some people are just ignorant enough to steal

23 Aug 2011

What's with these people on Facebook? Remember this post? I made that one because there was a girl putting my writing as her Facebook status without crediting me as the author. She never apologises. And last night, I found someone reposting my best friend, Mijra's note. This girl just copied and pasted Mijra's note and put a new title. That's it. No addition, no omission.

Click to view larger

Shame on her!

After getting comments from Mijra, she deleted the note. The good thing is she sent Mijra a message and apologised.

Seriously, people. Be creative! Don't steal anybody's works. If you like the works so much, you can actually ask the original author for permission to repost. Or at least put a backlink to the author, give them some credit. Do NOT steal! You wouldn't like it if someone stole YOUR works, right?


iftar with my favourite girls

21 Aug 2011


quoted saturday

20 Aug 2011


"Sometimes, I need someone to say 'You'll be alright. What's on your mind?'"


on a saturday night

Hellooo... :D

So, I finally got a time to actually breathe and have a lot of fun. After taking Functional Grammar final exam this morning, I went to Istana Plaza to be Vicky and Erwin's personal cheerleader in a Pump competition. They lost, however. Maybe I wasn't a good cheerleader? :|

The broken hearted Vicky and Erwin decided to go to Bandung Indah Plaza. So we, plus Defri, went to BIP and we played Pump there. (Can't get enough of it, can we?) Afief then joined us, and so the five of us screwed the machine up. (Well, Erwin did, actually :p)

After that, we (minus Vicky cause she already had another appointment) had iftar together.

How was your weekend so far? :)


one big thing before i turn 20

19 Aug 2011

August is almost finished. Only 11 days left, can you believe it? (Well seriously 2011, slow down!) So far, my resolution for this year is done well. As you might have noticed, in January I started wearing more proper headscarf. That's my only resolution: to wear better clothes. How about your resolution(s)?

Eight months have passed very quickly, and I'm sure October will come sooner than a blink of an eye and then *pop!* I will turn 20! Yesss, my friends, I'm 2 months and a week away from the age of 20. My teenage life will be over in just 2 months and a week. I really want to make the best out of it.

Lately I've been thinking about what I've done in my life so far. A lot of fun, but there have been several heart breaks too. A couple of good deeds, and a lot of sins. Making a bunch of friends and a whole truck of enemies. Loving several things and hating more things. All that makes me who I am today.

I have done so many things. Many, many things. But I have never finished reading the Holy Quran. It's such a shame. Many people my age have finished reading it, not once, not twice, but many times. And some of them even memorise it! I finished reading The Da Vinci Code in less than 24 hours. I've re-read Deathly Hallows so many times. But I'm stuck in the 6th juz of the Holy Quran. God, where have I been? What have I done? :'(


Now, my friends, here's my goal:
I will finish reading the Holy Quran before I turn 20.
I still have 2 months and a week to do this, right? I will give it my all. I will do it. InshaAllah.

Come here and be my cheerleaders!


"and i miss you love..."

18 Aug 2011


independence day

My lovely country is getting older. It turned 66 yesterday. However, since it's Ramadan, we didn't celebrate it the way we usually do. There was no people's party in my neighbourhood. (In fact, my neighbourhood was very quiet yesterday.) It was the second time in a row that the Independence Day was in Ramadan. Last year we had a small tournament for children, but this year, there was absolutely nothing.

I have some pictures from two years ago. This is how we usually celebrate the Independence Day.

Mum and sis dressed up in red and white (never mind the santa hat)

Bakiak race

Panjat pinang

The housewives football match

Independence Day is usually fun fun fun. Maybe next year we will have a party again :)



iftar with honeybees

16 Aug 2011

Have I told you that my girl friends rock? Oh well, they really do. I love them so much!

And today, we had iftar together at Gokkana Teppan, Ciwalk. Too bad Boyan and Day couldn't come, so there were only me, Entin, and Mira. But we had fun, though. Here are some pictures :)

This one's taken by MyTubo. Do you have an account? Follow me! :D

Anyways, I've been feeling a little bit prettier lately. Look at my pinky outfit for the iftar today XD

Do you fast? How has Ramadan been so far for you?


i miss you (+ sponsorship info)

14 Aug 2011

Busy, but still got time to take pictures = me

Whoa! August won't let me take a breath!

The good thing is... today is the last day of sanlat. I hope it means that I will not be as busy as I was these past weeks. I have abandoned this blog for too long. I even missed yesterday's Quoted Saturday. I'm sooo sad :(

Also, on August 27th my family and I are going to Nyai's house in Lampung and stay there for Lebaran until one week after it. Last time I went there, there was no internet connection. So to prepare for the worst, I'm not gonna accept any sponsor for September. Sponsorship will be re-open in late September for the month of October. I'm really sorry :(

Oh and before I forget, I want to say hi to my newest followers. Hi! Thanks for following me! :D

I'll see you (very, very) soon!


PS. Mr Boyfriend's dad is hospitalised. Please keep your thoughts and prayers on him and his family :(

iftar with blowup

10 Aug 2011

Yesterday, eight dudes and three dudettes from BlowUP! gathered in Arif and Fajar's house to have iftar together. Here are some pictures from the event. Enjoy! :)

Waiting for azan

Takjil time! We had kurma and gorengan

The main course

Nom nom nom

We're stuffed! :D


my dad

7 Aug 2011

When I was little, Dad used to take me on trips to various places. He always had time for his family. He went to work at 7 am and came home at 4 pm. Sometimes he worked overtime, but he was always home on weekends. Weekends were our family time.

My 1st birthday

At Ciwidey when I was 6

At Sabuga when I was 8

When I was 9, my little sister was born. Dad got a promotion and he became busier since then. He goes to work at 6 am and comes home late at night, sometimes around midnight. And what's worse is that he also works on weekends. We never have the time to go on trips anymore. My poor little sister never gets the chance to go to the places where Dad took me years ago. He's very busy. Sometimes he takes his works home, like last night.

Last night

Growing up with a busy parent is hard. It would be much harder if Mum was busy too, but thankfully, my mum is a full time stay-at-home-mum. Everytime I come home, Mum is always there to greet me. We're not really close, but she's always there. I can't imagine what I would become if she was busy too.

That is why I want to be a housewife after I get married. I want to watch my kids grow up. I don't want to miss any moment. I looked at Dad's face this morning and I realised how old he had become. Maybe Dad looked at me too and realised how much I'd grown up. It's sad to see how much we've missed. He didn't attend all my graduation days through my school years. On my 19th birthday, he texted me to say happy birthday because he had left for work before I even woke up.

I'm not blaming him. He's busy because he has a family to feed. He is wonderful. He never complains even a single sigh. I love him with all my heart, even though I never hug nor kiss him. Sometimes I cry before I sleep, thinking of how much he has given me.

Dad, I know I never show it, but please keep in mind that I love you. Very much. Please don't push yourself too hard. Take a rest. Take a deep breath every now and then. When you're ill, please take the medicine and stop being so stubborn. Listen to what Mum says, cause all she wants is for you to be okay. We love you. We really, really love you.


spammy comments

6 Aug 2011

Next October, this little blog of mine will celebrate its 2nd birthday. (Yess! I've blogged that long!) But it still hasn't got famous yet. At least in my opinion. Haha!

I think, one of the signs that your blog is (quite) famous is if your blog gets spam comments. I hadn't got any... until yesterday:

My very first spam comment!

Now, can you understand why I was so excited? My blog finally got spam! That means it has gained more fame :D

And what's awesome is today I got another one:

My second spam comment

I'm famous now. Yaaay! :D


PS. Please excuse my lame-ness and silly-ness ;p

quoted saturday


"People who cannot find time for recreation are obliged sooner or later to find time for illness."
-John Wanamaker


a simple hello :)

5 Aug 2011

Thought I'd just stop by to say "Hello!"

Tonight there's no movie. I'm still quite busy. In fact, tomorrow I'll have my Exploring Prose final test. Yet I still haven't studied. Why am I so lazy?

Please wish us luck for tomorrow's test :)


PS. I tried the 'hip' veil style. Does it suit my face? What do you think?

oh, hello there, august!

3 Aug 2011

Whoa! I miss you so much, little blog! I've been busy, busy, busy lately. Here are what I've been up to since Monday:

Verb patterns

Exploring Prose's essays

Being a mentor in Pesantren Kilat (some kind of Islamic summer school)

I'm fasting and I've got so much to do. Please wish me luck, guys! :)