this is how i spent my yesterday and half of my today

Before you proceed to read the whole post, please note that this post is image heavy and was written when Blogger was down yesterday. So please set your brain calender to yesterday (that way, you wouldn't be confused if you read "yesterday: Wednesday")

I woke up at 7am today. Three cups of Cappuccino later, I still haven't taken a bath yet. Nor have I had breakfast and lunch. I'm still on my bed and it's already 2.26pm. This gloomy summer day makes me feel a little bit lazy. Okay, I'm lying. I'm sooo lazy and my stomach is still a little bit sick, thanks to the bus I rode yesterday.

Oh yes, baby, I rode a bus yesterday. To Cipanas. Yesss, guys, that's where I'd been all day yesterday.

Our original plan was to go there at July 4 (Mr Boyfriend's birthday), but on Monday we decided to just go there as soon as possible: Wednesday. We got out of his place at 7am and arrived at his family house at about 11am. A pretty long journey, though Cipanas is not that far from Bandung, actually.

After having lunch we went to Taman Bunga Nusantara (The Nusantara Flower Garden) accompanied by his little brother (our photographer for the day :p). I really had a great time there. Unfortunately, I couldn't stay there for too long because I had to go home before the night came.

Before going back to Bandung, however, I still got the chance to go to Kota Bunga and took a few pictures (including the one with two elephants below :D)

I'm absolutely going back to Cipanas as soon as possible!