ladies and gentlemen, let me introduce you to...

Marilyn from Pulp Sushi!

As you may have known, this month my blog is sponsored by six awesome people (look at my sidebar!) Marilyn is one of them. She is the woman behind Pulp Sushi. Let's check out my interview with her :)

Hey, Marilyn! Tell us a bit of yourself :)
I'm a thirtysomething year old self-taught jewelry designer born and raised in New York. I started making jewelry a few years ago when I was selling customized notepads and marble magnets on Etsy. I started making rings and pendants with left over marbles and cardstock and things gradually took a turn from there.

What is your blog about? When did you start blogging?
I started blogging a very very very long time ago lol!  I think I can go as far back at 1997. I've used different blogging platforms before I settled with Typepad. My current blog is a mixture of shop updates, lifestyle, DIY tutorials, supporting and promoting other independent designers and crafters.

What do you sell on your Etsy shop? Where did you get the name Pulp Sushi?
In my Etsy shop I sell handmade beaded and chain jewelry where I emphasize bright, fun colors inspired by early/mid 20th century.  I devoted an entire blog post to this subject which I hope your readers wouldn’t mind checking out by clicking the link: What does it mean?

You live in Fishkill. What is Fishkill like? If I were to visit the town, what place would you recommend?
Fishkill, NY is in Dutchess County - it's about an hour north of NYC. It's a small town in a cluster of many towns that make up the Hudson Valley which is rich in art & history.  So we're very close to art towns like Beacon, NY and antique shopping in Cold Spring, NY. I would recommend the Dia: Beacon art museum which was an old Nabisco factory converted into an art museum, and then grab a bite to eat at my favorite restaurant in Fishkill, The Tomato Cafe. :)

Is there any other thing you want to share with us?
Thank you for sharing me with your readers! Visit my Etsy shop and receive a 15% discount using coupon code "sushi15"

Thank you for sharing with us, Marilyn! And you, guys... You should check out Marilyn's blog. She's very creative :)