ladies and gentlemen, let me introduce you to...

Aleks from Aleks Handmade!

As you may have known, this month my blog is sponsored by six awesome people (look at my sidebar!) Aleks is one of them. She is the girl behind Aleks Handmade. Let's check out my interview with her :)

What is Aleks Handmade about? When did you start blogging?
Aleks Handmade is an eclectic collection of my lifes talls tales and missfortunes. I started blogging over Christmas of last year. So, yea, im still fairly new at all of this. I babble about my job, about Fiancee, about life. Every Wednesday i try to get a Wedding post up, as i am getting married next year and LOVE to read what others went through to have the day of their life! I love to have guest bloggers over, and aim for at least one giveaway a month. Its nice to have other involved in something that is so important to me. The blog did start out as a tutorial blog....but of course no one sticks to their original ideas. No its turned into my little baby.....that i sometimes neglect on hectic days.

What do you sell on your Etsy shop?
all sorts of lovelies.i sell anything from home decor, like my wreaths to accessories, to paper products. the shop is a collection of my creative bipolar-ness i thrive on tutorials. if i see one i MUST try my hand at it, but alot of times im left with.... what the heck am i going to do with this? or i make too many of something, so fiancee and i decided it was time to get rid of my craft stash haha, thus {the shop} was born. i make custom orders but alot of the stuff in the shop is OOAK.

How long have you been engaged? How and where did he propose you?
i have been engaged for 8448 hours. July 14 2010 {aka our dating anniverasry} the lovely Fiance took me on a lunch date in the park, then we spent the day together and went for a walk on the bridge over the river and he popped the question. we were standing so close to the railing i was sure i was going to knock the ring in to the water. but i didnt!! it was so amazing. im actually about to tell the ENTIRE luuuuhve story over at the blog this week. so stay tuned for the gory bits. jk. but really.  we are planning a july 2012 wedding!!!!! i cant believe its about to an entire year that we have been engaged. 13 days and counting. [hopefully he reads this, he needs a reminder im sure, though... i think all those Tiffanys emails are working...]

Is there any other thing you want to share with us?
well, hmm, wanna know 3 random facts?
*ive had tongue surgery
*im a firm believer that coffee is the answer to all problems, even the recession we are in right now
*Yankess will ALWAYS trump Cubs. fact.

Thank you for sharing with us, Aleks! And you, guys... You should check out Aleks' blog. She's the sweetest :)