introducing: the nerdy elephant

No, you're not viewing a wrong blog. It's still Putdar's blog. And no, it's not hacked. I'm the real Putdar. So why does this blog have a different name? That, my friend, is because I changed it.

And about the reason... Well, I was googling myself (I love googling myself!) and I also googled 'sincerely putdar'. Google suggested 'sincerely jules' and being the curious girl that I am, I clicked it. My browser then opened Sincerely, Jules. The blog is very cute and pretty! Jules is a super-fashionable girl. Suddenly I feel so small... Haha!

Then I thought I really had to change my blog name. I didn't want people to think of me as a copycat (well, I wasn't, but still...) So Entin and I did a huge brainstorming in J.Co yesterday. I wanted my new blog name had the word 'elephant' on it. At first I suggested 'The Dancing Elephant'. I googled it, but it was already taken by a studio. The next suggestion was 'The Flying Elephant', but it was taken too by an event organiser. After odd suggestions from Entin (dying elephant, crying elephant, bleeding elephant, big elephant, huge elephant, thin elephant, ninja elephant, zombie elephant, etc.), we came up with 'The Nerdy Elephant'. I googled it and no blog or company used it. Yay! :D

And aside of changing the name of my blog, I also made new buttons. Old buttons still work, though, because I didn't change my blog address. So, I would like to inform all of you who put my buttons on your blog that if you want to use the new buttons, you can find one on my right sidebar (right under my sponsors' buttons) and there's another one here. Feel free to grab them and put them on your blog :)

I would also like to call all of you who want to sponsor me on August. No money required because I only receive button trade. Visit this page for more information.


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