guess who just turned 20 today?

Yup! This boy! :)

Last night I pretended that I was mad at him because he didn't text me back. He apologised but I didn't answer. He begged and I still didn't answer. A few minutes after midnight, he began to be mad back at me. I didn't know that he would be that mad. Haha! At that point, I almost gave up. Thank God, I fell asleep :p

I didn't talk to him all day. He, on the other hand, seemed like he already forgot what we were up to last night and asked me out for lunch. I agreed, but I still didn't want to talk to him. He tried to make me smile, and again, I almost gave up. But hell noooo! He took me to this new cafe and we had steak, french fries, and potato wedges (all carbo). But still no words.

After that, we separated. He went to a meeting and I went to see my friends from BlowUP! In the afternoon, I sneaked into his room and prepared for the surprise. When he arrived, I was standing behind the door with pancakes and candles. He smiled :)

I told him that all the fight last night was just a prank I had planned. Haha! Poor birthday boy ;p

I'm glad he likes my present. I really forgot to take a picture of the gift I gave him, but here is the booklet I attached inside the gift wrapper.

In the night, we went to the pasar malam (a kind of country fair) in Gerlong. He convinced me to try the ferris wheel. It was scary. Look at my face on the second picture below! Haha

I love you, Mr Boyfriend. Happy birthday! You're no longer a teenager. (Think I should really start to call you Mr Manfriend :p)


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