getaway day 2: bekasi

This post is super heavy. There are a lot of pictures and a long writing.

After messing up in Jakarta, my friends and I went to stay overnight at May's house in Bekasi. We took a Kopaja, a bus, and an angkot to get there. We arrived at about 9.30pm. We changed clothes and gathered in the livingroom, to play with light and Afief's borrowed camera.
Defri tried to make an elephant for me. Too bad he couldn't finish it on time...

We slept waaay too late that we got up at 7.30am. Being the lazy and tired people that we were, we didn't take a bath but gathered at the livingroom, watching Saturday morning cartoons. It wasn't until we found out there were no more cartoons that we realised it was already 10.30! We finally took a bath and got ready to leave May's house.

Midday, we left May's and went to the nearest mall. May and Rima didn't join us because they already had their own plans. We played Pump It Up and some other games.
Afief beat me in this table hockey. I want a re-match!

After everybody got the chance to play Pump It Up, a guy came to the game machine and started to play AMAZINGLY! I mean, all I knew about Pump It Up was that you were supposed to step on the right floor according to the display. But this guy, he did this freestyle dance and he didn't just step on the floor with his feet but also with his hands, elbows, and knees!
Dear up-side-down sir, would you want to give me a little bit of your skill?

We all got sweaty and smelly... and hungry! So we went to grab a lunch and did the last shopping before we went home. Look what I found for only IDR6,000!
My sister called it "a bearded elephant" but I'm pretty sure that it is widely known as a mammoth.

We went out of the mall and waited for our bus to Bandung. It took us a pretty long time to wait for it. Just look at our faces. Haha!

When the bus arrived, we ran and chased it. It was already crowded, but luckily we got seats. Our journey back home was pretty smooth because the bus took a route through the highway. It took us about 1.5 hour until we got to Leuwi Panjang. Vicky went home rightaway, while Afief, Defri, and I each had a bowl of meatball before waving good bye. Dad came to pick me up and the boys took angkot to go back to their dorms.

And so the getaway ended. It was exhausting. Jakarta was hot and confusing. But it was fun! We really should have another getaway as soon as possible ;D


PS. All pictures are courtesy of Afief, except for the mammoth and the up-side-down dude. You might also like Afief's version of the story.