"friends will be friends. when you're in need of love, they give you care and attention..."

Ah... Feels so good to be back again. I still can't tell you what happened a few days ago, but here's a hint: it really broke my heart. Thank God, I have very wonderful friends! They took me to fun fun FUN getaways :)

On Friday, Entin took me to Ciwalk
There was an event held by MNCTV where we could find characters from cartoon series aired in MNCTV. We took pictures with Shaun the Sheep, Upin & Ipin, and many more. After that, we bought donuts in J.Co :)

On Saturday, Mijra and I went to WS Gatot Soebroto
It was kinda hard, actually, to go to WS yesterday. It made me think about certain things that broke my heart. But I went there with Mijra, so yeah... She entertained me with her silly-ness. Haha! :D

On Sunday, Angga and I went to Padalarang
We took train to Padalarang (his first train ever!) and went to Science Museum in Kota Baru Parahyangan. After that, we went to Situ Ciburuy and had lunch there. The museum was fun, but Situ Ciburuy was out of my expectation. Haha! Going there was such a waste of energy. We actually walked to get there from Tagog, can you believe? Haha! But it was fun, though... :)

I'm so glad to have friends like you, guys! *hugs*


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