friday night movies #5

29 Jul 2011

Tonight's movie is very, very special. Why? Because I just watched the Deathly Hallows part 2! Woohoo! DH2 was just released today in my country, due to the dispute about tax and yada yada yada. But it's okay, though, cause I HAVE WATCHED IT! (I'm a maniac :p)


The movie opens exactly where the first part left off, right after Harry buried Dobby. The scenes quickly change, from Shell's Cottage, to Gringotts, to Hog's Head, and to where the final scene takes place: Hogwarts. I'm not quite sure if it was just me, or the movie really runs in a very fast pace. I just sat there and then the movie ended. The whole series ended!

Anyways, I cried. From the middle part to the very last scene. I watched it with Angga, and he was like "Oi! Stop crying! I don't wanna walk around the city with you and your swollen eyes!" Haha... But seriously, people, the part where the bodies of Fred, Tonks, and Lupin are lying on the floor is the saddest! Not to mention this one:
"After all this time, Severus?"
God... :'(

Kay. Nuff rambling. I guess I don't have to talk too much about the movie cause I'm sure you guys have watched it. Or if you haven't watched it yet, I don't want to give too much spoiler (although the spoilers actually have already been there in the form of seven novels :p)

Raise your glass for Severus Snape, the bravest wizard of all time!


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  1. aku tadi siang! ;D
    iya, cried from the part when Lupin and Tonks get ready when the death eater come, huhu

  2. baru akan nonton hari selasa besok.. udah ga sabar XD dan aku pasti bakal bawa tissue.. haha...

  3. @enyes
    bawa tissue plus bahu seseorang, nyes. kemaren aku gak ada tempat buat nangisnya. hehe :p

  4. Oh I know exactly what you're talking about. I cried, too. From hearing the opening music, to the very end. I watched it with my boyfriend, who hasn't seen any of the previous movies nor read the books(and was really bored) and he was like "ok, what happens now that you have to cry?" haha! Glad you share my feelings about this anyway :)

  5. hey
    gue udah nonton sia. dan gue bercucuran air mata dari scene pertama .. hx gakan ada harry potter lagi put :(((

    liat ga pas snape meluk lily's death body, sediiiihhhh banget ya puuut hx

  6. This movie definitely made me cry too! I know this particular story was super long (two movies!) but, you're right that it felt like it went by really fast. So much happens in this book!

    I'm sad that's it's all over and there won't be any more books or movies out in this series. :(


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