a tale of the lonely sock

31 Jul 2011

Inspired by this.


I'm sure you have at least one pair of socks, am I right? They're very helpful. When it's hot, they absorp the sweat on your feet. When it's cold, they keep your feet warm. They keep your delicate skin from the rough part of your shoes. They're simply amazing!

But, what would happen if we lost one of them? There's nothing we can do with the remaining, lonely sock. We can't buy one sock to accompany it. We can't wear it with a non-matching sock. It would be forever alone, forever forgotten. We would throw it into the deepest, darkest part of our closet. We would throw it into the trash can. We would buy a new pair and walk away with them.


A pair of socks are meant to be together. They belong to each other. And if I were the left sock, you'd be the right one. Now there's only me: the remaining, lonely sock. It's only a matter of time until I get to be thrown into the closet. I hope I would find you there and we would be a pair of socks once again.


quoted saturday

30 Jul 2011



i'm gonna make you fall in love with me


And this time, it will be right. Without any sorry. Without any pity. Just love.

I'm gonna make it real this time.


friday night movies #5

29 Jul 2011

Tonight's movie is very, very special. Why? Because I just watched the Deathly Hallows part 2! Woohoo! DH2 was just released today in my country, due to the dispute about tax and yada yada yada. But it's okay, though, cause I HAVE WATCHED IT! (I'm a maniac :p)


The movie opens exactly where the first part left off, right after Harry buried Dobby. The scenes quickly change, from Shell's Cottage, to Gringotts, to Hog's Head, and to where the final scene takes place: Hogwarts. I'm not quite sure if it was just me, or the movie really runs in a very fast pace. I just sat there and then the movie ended. The whole series ended!

Anyways, I cried. From the middle part to the very last scene. I watched it with Angga, and he was like "Oi! Stop crying! I don't wanna walk around the city with you and your swollen eyes!" Haha... But seriously, people, the part where the bodies of Fred, Tonks, and Lupin are lying on the floor is the saddest! Not to mention this one:
"After all this time, Severus?"
God... :'(

Kay. Nuff rambling. I guess I don't have to talk too much about the movie cause I'm sure you guys have watched it. Or if you haven't watched it yet, I don't want to give too much spoiler (although the spoilers actually have already been there in the form of seven novels :p)

Raise your glass for Severus Snape, the bravest wizard of all time!


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ladies and gentlemen, let me introduce you to...

28 Jul 2011

Heather from Lilac & Lace!

As you may have known, this month my blog is sponsored by six awesome people (look at my sidebar!) Heather is one of them. She is the girl behind Lilac & Lace. Let's check out my interview with her :)

Hey there, Heather! Tell us a bit of yourself :)
Hello! I am a professional dancer, living in Los Angeles with my husband of three years. I love scrap-booking, art journaling and crafts of all kind, but I especially enjoy blogging and photography.

What is Lilac & Lace about? When did you start it?
Lilac and Lace is a lifestyle blog and I keep it pretty personal. But as an avid dancer, dance aficionado and ballet instructor, I also use it as another way to share my passion for dance with others. I started it a few years ago mainly because I was bored at work, but it also served as a way to keep our family over seas up to date with our daily lives.

Do you have any advice for other bloggers on how to keep inspired and keep yourself away from blogger's block?
It's tough to keep up the blogging sometimes (I just had a bad spell of blogger's block myself!) I think the best way to ward off a lack of inspiration on what to blog about is to just write honestly. Ultimately you have to do it for yourself and I think if you aren't too worried about posts you'll naturally write what matters to you...And that usually makes for the most interesting blogs. Don't sweat it too much and it will usually pass. ;)

You're a dancer. When did you start dancing?
I started dancing when I was three and I'm still at it!

Is there any other thing you want to share with us?
Hmmm... Diet Coke is my favorite beverage and I am seriously terrified of spiders and flying. But I love blogging and meeting new bloggy buddies! I hope you'll come visit me and I also just want to thank Putdar for letting me share all this on her fantabulous blog! I am so honored and lucky to have her as a blog friend!

Thank you for sharing with us, Heather! And you, guys... You should check out Heather's blog and her shop too :)

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happiness is...

27 Jul 2011

Getting the ticket for Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows part 2 premiere AND a strategic seat

and this...

Last night I read this tweet and got waaaayy too excited that I was almost hyperventilated (haha!). Deathly Hallows part 2 is finally here, guys! In Indonesia! The premiere will be on the 29th, but the ticket can already be purchased today. So Angga and I went to Braga. We bought two tickets and then I died...

No way.


blog button trade for august! :D

Last month, I started accepting sponsors in the form of button trade. It went quite well. I gained 8 new followers this month and my stastics went sky high. This is so exciting! So, I decided to open another blog button trade for the month of August. Do you wanna join me? ;)

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in my playlist tonight: ABBA

26 Jul 2011

My friends say that I was born in the wrong era. I should've been born in the 70s. Why? Because I love (and I mean I LOOOVVVEEE) ABBA. Poor kids my age don't know them. Luckily I have a cousin who loves ABBA and she introduced me to their songs when I was 12. Seven years and I'm still in love with them.

And tonight, my friends, I'm gonna make you love them too! You should listen to these songs and leave a comment telling me what you think about my favourite ABBA's songs :)



"friends will be friends. when you're in need of love, they give you care and attention..."

25 Jul 2011

Ah... Feels so good to be back again. I still can't tell you what happened a few days ago, but here's a hint: it really broke my heart. Thank God, I have very wonderful friends! They took me to fun fun FUN getaways :)

On Friday, Entin took me to Ciwalk
There was an event held by MNCTV where we could find characters from cartoon series aired in MNCTV. We took pictures with Shaun the Sheep, Upin & Ipin, and many more. After that, we bought donuts in J.Co :)

On Saturday, Mijra and I went to WS Gatot Soebroto
It was kinda hard, actually, to go to WS yesterday. It made me think about certain things that broke my heart. But I went there with Mijra, so yeah... She entertained me with her silly-ness. Haha! :D

On Sunday, Angga and I went to Padalarang
We took train to Padalarang (his first train ever!) and went to Science Museum in Kota Baru Parahyangan. After that, we went to Situ Ciburuy and had lunch there. The museum was fun, but Situ Ciburuy was out of my expectation. Haha! Going there was such a waste of energy. We actually walked to get there from Tagog, can you believe? Haha! But it was fun, though... :)

I'm so glad to have friends like you, guys! *hugs*


summer afternoon: a mixtape by putdar

20 Jul 2011

Hi! Sorry for the lack of new posts. There was a huge thing happened to my life yesterday. It might bring some big changes in my life, and it might affect this blog, too. So, I guess I'm taking a break for a few days from the blogosphere. I'll still be available on other social media, though. You could also send me an email if you want. And before I go, here's a mixtape I made a few days ago to accompany you while I'm away. I hope I could be back as soon as possible. See you! :)

Click here to download


PS. If you like the songs, please buy them from the original artists ;)

PPS. The link only works for two weeks from now.

one more package from united states

16 Jul 2011

A few weeks ago, Leelee had this group sponsor giveaway on her blog and I won two prizes (TWO!!). One of them arrived today. This one is an owl necklace from Ashley of After Nine To Five.

What a cute, cute owl! Thank you, Leelee and Ashley! <3


quoted saturday


"A mighty pain to love it is,
And ’tis a pain that pain to miss;
But of all pains, the greatest pain
It is to love, but love in vain."
-Abraham Cowley


friday night movies #4

15 Jul 2011

Yesss. I finally got back to doing this (supposedly) weekly feature. So sorry for my lack of consistency. Last week I went to Jakarta so I didn't have time to watch movies. And two weeks ago... I don't remember what I did two weeks ago, but I know I missed that one too. Apology accepted? Great! Now let's proceed :D


Alright. Before I tell you my opinion about this movie, first let me tell you that I really, really (from the deepest part of my heart) dislike Zac Efron. And his acting in this movie just added up my already-full list of the reasons why I hate him. Why couldn't he just act normally? I mean, like how boys are supposed to do? Well he's cute, we know that. And clearly he knows that, too. I think that's why he keeps doing those unnecessary gestures, like saying "Yo, girls! I know you're checking up on me." Yuck!

This movie is about the adult Mike O'Donnell who turns into his 17-year-old self, getting a chance to repair his relationship with his two teenage kids and his (almost ex-)wife. The movie begins with a scene showing Mike when he was still in high school, getting ready for an important basketball game where he could get a college scholarship should he play good in it. Right before the game started, his girlfriend told him that she was pregnant. Mike left the game to chase her and asked her to marry him. The movie then skips into Mike in the present, 37 and in the process of getting a divorce. One night, he has an accident and he turns 17 again. Helped by his high school best friend, Ned, he enrolls in his old high school, where his two kids also go. He befriends them and so the drama goes on.

Aside of Efron's stupid look, I personally think that this movie is quite good. The idea of reliving your past is not new, of course. But this movie doesn't bring you to the past: it brings the past to you. That is the funny side of this movie. I like the part where Maggie (Mike's son) tries to seduce him, and the one where Mike kisses his wife, which looks inappropriate since he is physically 17. The ending is kinda predictable, but I hate it that this movie doesn't tell us whether Alex (Mike's son) gets the scholarship or not. That's too bad, because I'm so curious! Haha

In general, I'd like to give it three and a half stars out of five :)


PS. No offense to all Efron's fans out there ;)

one of those days

14 Jul 2011

I don't have anything to tell tonight. I hope this song can tell you a lot about my mood today.

introducing: the nerdy elephant

13 Jul 2011

No, you're not viewing a wrong blog. It's still Putdar's blog. And no, it's not hacked. I'm the real Putdar. So why does this blog have a different name? That, my friend, is because I changed it.

And about the reason... Well, I was googling myself (I love googling myself!) and I also googled 'sincerely putdar'. Google suggested 'sincerely jules' and being the curious girl that I am, I clicked it. My browser then opened Sincerely, Jules. The blog is very cute and pretty! Jules is a super-fashionable girl. Suddenly I feel so small... Haha!

Then I thought I really had to change my blog name. I didn't want people to think of me as a copycat (well, I wasn't, but still...) So Entin and I did a huge brainstorming in J.Co yesterday. I wanted my new blog name had the word 'elephant' on it. At first I suggested 'The Dancing Elephant'. I googled it, but it was already taken by a studio. The next suggestion was 'The Flying Elephant', but it was taken too by an event organiser. After odd suggestions from Entin (dying elephant, crying elephant, bleeding elephant, big elephant, huge elephant, thin elephant, ninja elephant, zombie elephant, etc.), we came up with 'The Nerdy Elephant'. I googled it and no blog or company used it. Yay! :D

And aside of changing the name of my blog, I also made new buttons. Old buttons still work, though, because I didn't change my blog address. So, I would like to inform all of you who put my buttons on your blog that if you want to use the new buttons, you can find one on my right sidebar (right under my sponsors' buttons) and there's another one here. Feel free to grab them and put them on your blog :)

I would also like to call all of you who want to sponsor me on August. No money required because I only receive button trade. Visit this page for more information.


ladies and gentlemen, let me introduce you to...

12 Jul 2011

Marilyn from Pulp Sushi!

As you may have known, this month my blog is sponsored by six awesome people (look at my sidebar!) Marilyn is one of them. She is the woman behind Pulp Sushi. Let's check out my interview with her :)

Hey, Marilyn! Tell us a bit of yourself :)
I'm a thirtysomething year old self-taught jewelry designer born and raised in New York. I started making jewelry a few years ago when I was selling customized notepads and marble magnets on Etsy. I started making rings and pendants with left over marbles and cardstock and things gradually took a turn from there.

What is your blog about? When did you start blogging?
I started blogging a very very very long time ago lol!  I think I can go as far back at 1997. I've used different blogging platforms before I settled with Typepad. My current blog is a mixture of shop updates, lifestyle, DIY tutorials, supporting and promoting other independent designers and crafters.

What do you sell on your Etsy shop? Where did you get the name Pulp Sushi?
In my Etsy shop I sell handmade beaded and chain jewelry where I emphasize bright, fun colors inspired by early/mid 20th century.  I devoted an entire blog post to this subject which I hope your readers wouldn’t mind checking out by clicking the link: What does it mean?

You live in Fishkill. What is Fishkill like? If I were to visit the town, what place would you recommend?
Fishkill, NY is in Dutchess County - it's about an hour north of NYC. It's a small town in a cluster of many towns that make up the Hudson Valley which is rich in art & history.  So we're very close to art towns like Beacon, NY and antique shopping in Cold Spring, NY. I would recommend the Dia: Beacon art museum which was an old Nabisco factory converted into an art museum, and then grab a bite to eat at my favorite restaurant in Fishkill, The Tomato Cafe. :)

Is there any other thing you want to share with us?
Thank you for sharing me with your readers! Visit my Etsy shop and receive a 15% discount using coupon code "sushi15"

Thank you for sharing with us, Marilyn! And you, guys... You should check out Marilyn's blog. She's very creative :)


5 random things you might be interested in

1. Have I told you that Mr Boyfriend flew to Makassar on the same day I went to Jakarta?

He will be there for 10 days. It's been 3 days and I already miss him :(

2. I was a bridesmaid at my cousin's wedding yesterday

You know some girls look prettier with their make up on. Well, I'm not one of them. I looked like a scary old lady who eats babies to stay alive. I guess I'll just stick with my eyeliner.

3. The package from All Things Chula arrived today

A few weeks ago, Heather from Lilac & Lace held a blog party with a lot of giveaways. I won one of them and these pretty butterflies are mine now :)

4. I went to Madtari with the dudes and dudettes from BlowUP! this afternoon

I ordered this... thing. It was supposed to be a bowl of instant fried noodle with cheese, corned beef, and fried egg. But then it turned out to be a bowl of CHEESE with instant fried noodle, corned beef, and fried egg. I still don't know how Afief managed to finish his meal.

5. This was the very first thing I saw when I opened my Tumblr dashboard



getaway day 2: bekasi

11 Jul 2011

This post is super heavy. There are a lot of pictures and a long writing.

After messing up in Jakarta, my friends and I went to stay overnight at May's house in Bekasi. We took a Kopaja, a bus, and an angkot to get there. We arrived at about 9.30pm. We changed clothes and gathered in the livingroom, to play with light and Afief's borrowed camera.
Defri tried to make an elephant for me. Too bad he couldn't finish it on time...

getaway day 1: jakarta

10 Jul 2011

This post is super heavy. There are a lot of pictures and a long writing.

What an exhausting day!

Well, I should open my post with this information: we missed the train.

Yesss! We actually missed it. By about 10 seconds.

I was already in Bandung railway station 10 minutes before the departure time, which was 5.30am. I texted and called my friends and they all said that they were on their way to the station. And so I waited and I waited. They actually came right on time... when the train started to drift away. We got to wave at it. God... We decided to catch the next one at 6.30am, but unfortunately we didn't get a seat. So we stood from Bandung to Bekasi. We were lucky enough to have two empty seats and two more after a lady and her daughter got off at Bekasi. It was fun, though. We were the only people who talked during our journey. We talked about so many things and laughed at a lot of things. We were meant to be backpackers, right? So, getting no seat in the train was acceptable :p

quoted saturday

9 Jul 2011


"To die by your side is such a heavenly way to die."


ladies and gentlemen, let me introduce you to...

7 Jul 2011

Leelee from Just Because by Leelee!

As you may have known, this month my blog is sponsored by six awesome people (look at my sidebar!) Leelee is one of them. She is the girl behind Just Because by Leelee. Let's check out my interview with her :)

Hello, LeeLee! Tell us a bit of yourself :)
I am a fashion designer from Colombia, I have my own handmade fashion accessory business that I create when i'm not at my office job. I can't live without music and concerts. I love going to adventures and fun places, but also I love staying at home and watch netflix movies while eating popcorn or smoking hookah!

You're originally from Colombia. Can you tell us what Colombia is like?
Colombia is a beautiful place. Each city has its own culture, climate and accents. I couldn't travel a lot when I was there, but I've been to few places, like the capital, Bogota, which is hands down the best cosmopolitan city to live in, full of fashion, awesome people, cool places to hang out and perfect cold weather; I lived there for a year and a half and since the first month I fell in love with it. I was born in Cartagena, which is tropical climate every day all year long, has beautiful beaches and the downtown part of the city is all colonial and very beautiful.

When you were a child, what would you want to be when you grew up?
As a child I always wanted to be famous. LOL.. like movie actress or singer.. so funny.

You're going to Barcelona to visit your boyfriend this month. Is long distance relationship hard for you? How do you guys cope with it?
Long distance relationships are VERY hard, in fact it has been very hard for us, we broke up last year, lasted a month not even talking and we saw each other on Dec and was like love at first sight again.. I think our long distance relation has brought us apart since december, so honestly i am very scared to go visit him for 3 months, but It is something I've been waiting for almost 2 years now, so I gotta be strong and the worse thing it could happen is that we breake up and I go to Cartagena for few months to be single again. hahaha ... But yeah is very hard to handle this situation. :/

Thank you for sharing with us, Leelee! And you, guys... You should chekc out Leelee's blog. She's the cutest :)


i'm going to jakarta! (a happy post)

6 Jul 2011

So, after being postponed a few times, I'm going to Jakarta on Friday. Yeah! :D
(Read this post if you don't have any idea as to what on earth I'm talking about.)

This morning, I went to Bandung Railway Station and bought tickets for the seven of us. Ah... I can't believe how excited I am to go to Jakarta. I still remember how I hated the big city February last year, but this year... I love it!

I may not blog for the rest of the week because of this trip. So... I guess I'll see you later? :)


guess who just turned 20 today?

4 Jul 2011

Yup! This boy! :)

Last night I pretended that I was mad at him because he didn't text me back. He apologised but I didn't answer. He begged and I still didn't answer. A few minutes after midnight, he began to be mad back at me. I didn't know that he would be that mad. Haha! At that point, I almost gave up. Thank God, I fell asleep :p

I didn't talk to him all day. He, on the other hand, seemed like he already forgot what we were up to last night and asked me out for lunch. I agreed, but I still didn't want to talk to him. He tried to make me smile, and again, I almost gave up. But hell noooo! He took me to this new cafe and we had steak, french fries, and potato wedges (all carbo). But still no words.

After that, we separated. He went to a meeting and I went to see my friends from BlowUP! In the afternoon, I sneaked into his room and prepared for the surprise. When he arrived, I was standing behind the door with pancakes and candles. He smiled :)

I told him that all the fight last night was just a prank I had planned. Haha! Poor birthday boy ;p

I'm glad he likes my present. I really forgot to take a picture of the gift I gave him, but here is the booklet I attached inside the gift wrapper.

In the night, we went to the pasar malam (a kind of country fair) in Gerlong. He convinced me to try the ferris wheel. It was scary. Look at my face on the second picture below! Haha

I love you, Mr Boyfriend. Happy birthday! You're no longer a teenager. (Think I should really start to call you Mr Manfriend :p)