would you like it if i put your name on a special song dedicated to you?

I personally like songs with somebody's name on it. I don't care if the songs are specially made to show love or hate to that person. I just like it. These five songs are just some examples. Taylor Swift wrote a song about a boy named Drew who (unbeknownst to him) broke her heart back in high school. Arin Delaney is the name of an ex-girlfriend of the vocalist of Jack's Mannequin. Similarly, In My Ocean Blue, 'my darling Jane' is the name of Adam Levine's ex-girlfriend. Jamie is the name of 'the best lawyer in town' (well, at least according to Weezer :p). Unfortunately, I don't know who Penny in Hanson's song is.

I think it would be very cute if someone wrote a song with the word 'Putdar' in it. Anybody? :D