this seminar kinda open my eyes about this blog

Yesterday, I attended this seminar about blogging: how to increase your blog's traffic, how to monetize it, how to use SEO, etc. I didn't really get what they were trying to say (aside of promoting idBlogNetwork, idBlogilicious, and, but it did make me think about this blog.

You see, I'm just a girl trying to be recognised by the world through my blog. But I never really have a topic. I just write my daily activity, what I do, where I go, what songs I'm listening to, what movies I'm watching, and such things.

Whenever I blogwalk blogstalk, I see that all these blogs I follow are blogs about daily life, but with a structured path. I mean, some of them post about what they wear today, some other post about crafty things they do. Those two things (fashion and crafts) seem to be what most of blogger girls do (and post). I'm not really into fashion, nor am I a crafty girl. What should I do, then? I'm just a human-who-happens-to-also-be-a-blogger, so it's natural for me to want an army of followers and tons of people sponsoring my blog.

I fell so worthless now. I feel unwanted. Nobody likes my writings. And this blog will die slowly but sure. *sigh*


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