on friday nights, i watch movies

Ah... Weekend is finally here. Can you feel the magic in the air? I love weekend. I mean, who doesn't? It's the only time in the week when we could just chill and relax (I'm using the word 'chill', can you believe? :p) Plus, I am in the middle of the final weeks, so it's nice to be able to breathe for a while. Four down, baby, five more left!


Tonight, I finally watched P.S. I Love You. I'd been wanting to watch it since it was still showing in the cinemas, but I finally watched it tonight. Such a sad movie! But I didn't cry. I guess it was because I was too busy having a crush on Gerard Butler and Jeffrey Dean Morgan. They are hot! I know they're quite too old for me, but still! XD


After P.S. I Love You, I decided to re-watch First Love (A Little Thing Called Love). I'm pretty sure that you've already (at least) heard about it, right? It's a Thai movie about an ugly girl who falls in love with a cute senior. People praise the movie, but I have to say that I disagree. There are some aspects which I think aren't very good for girls.

First, I have to agree that it is normal for a girl to want to look pretty in front of the guy she likes. But brushing up your dark skin with a yellowish thingy? Come on! You don't have to force yourself that hard!
Second, okay, so Pin puts make up on Nam's face for the drama in the school festival, but why does Nam's sense of style also change? She starts wearing mini skirts. Plus, her hair is silikier and longer, too! What?
Third, Nam is such an evil! When Top confesses her feelings for Nam, she does not answer, but she agrees to go out with him to a couple of places. He kisses her cheek and then she gets mad, and when Top says "But you're my girlfriend?" she answers with "I never accept you as my boyfriend." She doesn't respect his feeling. And he's never coming back on screen for the rest of the movie! Unfair!
Fourth, the second reason why Nam is an evil is because she doesn't only break a boy's heart, she breaks her friends' heart too! She leaves them to chase after boys. She leaves them because she's prettier and she's hanging out with the 'cool' seniors now. After things fall apart, she comes back, and lucky her, her friends are kind enough take her back. They're good friends, she's not.
Fifth, nine years after graduating, they should be, what, twenty-seven? But why does Shone already retire from football? It's uncommon for a football player to retire in their 20s, right? I'm a football fan, so I know.

That's it. The idea of a nerdy girl falls in love with a popular guy is interesing, but I think the idea was not developed very well. That's too bad.

Okay. Nuff now. It's almost midnight. I gotta go blog stalking for a couple minutes, and then I'll go to sleep. I'm going to edit our Interpreting videos. Bye! <3