my life iz cray-zeh, bay-beh!


Life has been crazy lately. Just imagine that I was busy for AECS last week, and now I have my final exam week. Sweet. I'm glad that my body is strong enough. I'm tough! My girls and I just did another observation on Monday. We still have to write the report, which is due next week. We also still have Interpreting assignments. We should have had no assignments in final exam week, but here they go again!

But there's a good thing behind every sad thing, isn't it? Well, this time I won another giveaway from Heather's blog. She threw a blog party two weeks ago with a lot of giveaways. I won paper butterflies from All Things Chula. They're cute, aren't they? :)

Now, I have to say good bye so I could study (no, really :p)


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