friday night movies

Hello! Friday is almost over here in my livingroom as it's only 30 minutes to midnight, but I still got time to write a brief post on my new (hopefully) weekly feature Friday Night Movies. This week I re-watched some old movies available in my laptop. Here's two of them.


The first movie is The Perfect Score. It's about six high school students who plot on stealing the SAT. Each of them has the urge to get a high score to pursue their dream, but they have the risk of failing because the SAT has its reputation of being unfair. I fist saw this movie in the television and I fell in love with it instantly because I was in high school and I was going to face the national exam, which has the same bad reputation with SAT, and I felt that the this movie kinda suited on me, though I would never ever steal the test. Haha!


The ending of this movie is kinda sweet, with two new couples and new best friends. You should watch it :)


The next movie is Keramat. I don't watch Indonesian horror movies very often, since I hate almost all of them, but this movie is different. It's about a movie production team who go to Yogyakarta to start the shooting process, but they end up being tortured by spirits and such. I first saw this movie in my friend's dorm, but never finished it. I just finished it tonight. It's creepy... (Well, of course that's the point of horror movies, I guess...)

Okay. So, I guess I'll see ya tomorrow? (What a lame way to close a post!)