bye, year 2!

See those smiles and grins of us? Well, today is the last day of my fourth semester. I took 9 classes this semester, and I had taken all the final exams. All I gotta do now is waiting for the results. I'm not sure about my grades. There's a 80% chance that my GPA will be less than last semester, but whatever! I just want to graduate in full speed!

Also, this afternoon I went to my very first meetup with all the dudes and dudettes from BlowUP! They're all fun and friendly. It was the very first time I saw them in person, but I already felt like a part of them. It's nice to finally be a part of something aside of my little circle of friends (and ESA, of course). We talked about a lot of thing, including our plan to sign up for a blogging seminar on Sunday and another plan to go to Jakarta Fair on the 1st of July. Can everybody say "Yay!"? :D