anybody wants to trade blog buttons with me?

This week, Heather and Leelee posted on their blog, asking if anyone wants to do button trade with them and I have contacted both of them. I hope my button can make it on their sidebar. I also hope that it can bring a lot of new readers to my (weird) blog. My blogging-self-esteem needs a little booster :)

Now, I think I want to ask you guys, too, if there's anybody who wants to trade blog buttons with me. You can send a 200 x 120 button and your blog link to, and I will send mine in the size you want. Here's some rules regarding the trade:

  1. You have to follow my blog, and I will follow yours.
  2. Static buttons only.
  3. Personal blog buttons only. No companies.
  4. I only give space for seven buttons this month.
  5. All buttons will be added at the beginning of July.
  6. All buttons will be shuffled in the middle of the month.
  7. You have to put my button on your blog. I will check it. If you don't put it, then your button will be taken off the list. (Well, it's a button trade, fellas!)
If you don't have buttons, I would be very glad to make one for you. Just send me a picture and your blog link via email.

Okay. Let's do this! :)