aecs 2011

*WARNING: This post is image heavy*

Ah... I can't believe I could stay away from this blog for THIS LONG! Plus, how could I forget to schedule a Quoted Saturday post?! I am such a bad blogger! *banging my head on the wall*

But actually I am so glad that AECS is over! I mean, what a weekend! I was supposed to have a super long weekend to laze around study for final exam (which starts on Wednesday), but I had to leave the house at 5.30 in the morning and then came home at 10pm every single day for four days. After the first day, my right leg decided to give up, so I had to drag it around in the next day. Haha! My body was torn apart. I was so very tired, but it was worth it. Glad to be a part of a successful event like AECS 2011. I am a SUPER JUVENILE! :D

Thanks for all the people who had worked very hard for this event. I love you. I'm gonna miss the boring meetings at room 04.204 :')