My face looks so BIG, doesn't it?

I've been coughing and wiping my nose since yesterday. My tonsils are aching and I've got sore throat too. And now my joints are aching. Uh oh, Lord... =[

However, despite the fact that I am ill, I still went to the family gathering today. It wasn't that fun, though. The food was blah and I kept coughing and wiping my nose. I wanted my mum and I wanted to go hooome... =[

Right after I arrived at home, I passed out in my mum's bed. I got a bad dream about being bitten by a huge snake. Then I was woken up by a phone call from my boss saying that my student
wanted some extra meeting aside of the regular two times a week. I got tons of assignments and the deadlines are the end of this month. I also still have the responsible of being the coordinator of Scrabble competition in AECS.

Oh. My. Goodness.



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