First of all, let me remind you guys that...
I love Saturday =]

And this Saturday, it is even better. Because...
It's a Saturdate =]

He and I had planned to go to a Dutch Culture Festival(-ish), but as soon as we arrived there, we got reaaaaaaally bored and didn't know what to do. We kinda expected to see some stands with a lot of things related to Holland, but there wasn't. The event was merely a presentation and a promotion of a Dutch Language Course company. That is why we only took these pictures
and then we left. Yeeess... We only stayed for about 5 minutes. It was disappointing.

I suggested that we went to the zoo and he grinned. He grinned like a little kid! So, there we went.

The entrance (and a glimpse of Mr Boyfriend's shoulder :p)

Bear (duh! :p)

Crocodiles (plus the land crocodile in black-and-green stripes polo shirt :p)

Us riding in a water bike

And... Yes. It. Is. ELEPHANT!!

Walking around the zoo in flat shoes wasn't a good idea. My feet were so tired. I was so tired that I dozed off as soon as my head found bed. I was also sick of him reciting an episode of Spongebob Squarepants where Spongebob and Patrick went to the zoo and threw peanuts on a clamshell. He's so weird. Sometimes I wonder why I fall in love with him :p

But... I am happy and I am in love.


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