"my name is putdar and i'm not a debater"

Before I start telling you what happened today, first please let me say that I'm so glad my posts are back.

Kay. Now back to the main point of this post. I was supposed to work at 8 am today, but my student texted me and asked if I could re-schedule our meeting to Monday. I said yes, so I was free today. Alas, I was already on my way to work.

So, not wanting to go back home and do nothing all day long, I decided to keep going and joining Mr Boyfriend and his debate team who were having a friendly match against the debate team from Taruna Bakti High in Suci. They were split into two chambers, but it left only Yogi to be the adjudicator. So I was assigned to join Rendila's team and become the second speaker of the team, so that Mr Boyfriend could be an adjudicator for the second chamber.

How was it going? Well, I sucked. A lot. My arguments were lame and I was just rambling there. Eep! But what could I say? I'm not a debater! (And never will be. Haha!)

Our team

Their team

'My' team

After embarassing myself there, Mr Boyfriend and I went to the Grand Mosque and went up the tower to see Bandung from above. It was fun, until my stomach started hurting and we had to go back. He then gave me some kind of medicine and I fell asleep for an hour or so. And when I woke up, the stomachache was already gone! (He did magic!) We had late dinner at 5mu and then watched Inception together.

We got to take the elevator to the 19th floor

It was kinda cloudy

I'm still waiting for the announcement whether I'm going to have classes in Monday or not, because if I'm not, then it will be a long weekend. Yay! (Because there's a holiday in Tuesday) My fingers are crossed!