it's past midnight here


But I am still fully awake. My stomach hurts again. I am in my time of the month and as usual, I got this hellish menstrual pain. I can do nothing but sitting down, holding my stomach. I run out of Buscopan Plus, so it hurts all day. Thank goodness, I could sleep for four hours this afternoon, thanks to Mr Boyfriend. It helped reducing the pain for a while but now it hurts again. There's nothing I can do. Ugh... =[

Anyway, I just finished unfriending about 250 people I don't really know on Facebook. I came across some names which made me think "Why the hell did I confirm this person on the first place?" I mean, I really don't know them and I bet they don't know me either. Plus, we don't have any mutual friend, so how could we be friends? Mysterious.

Lately I have come to be very, very aware about privacy on Facebook. I don't confirm friend request from people who don't have mutual friends with me. And if I have confirmed them and they don't interact with me in two weeks, I will remove them.

But don't hesitate to add me on Facebook if you really want to be friends with me. Add me, and add a message on the friend request telling me where you know me from. And after I confirm it, please interact with me. Write on my wall, comment on my posts, etc. Don't just make me a decoration for your friend list! Haha

Kay. I think I have to go to bed right now (I should've been in my bed, actually, cause it's well past my bedtime). This pain is killing me. I hope tomorrow it'll be better cause I have to go for an observation to Day's high school.

Oh and before I go, please tell your mama that Roberto says hi.


He's cute, isn't he? =]


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