i couldn't be more idiot than this... or could i?

So last week I started wearing my glasses again, after years of abandoning them, thinking my vision was still quite good. As you know, last week was one hell of a time. I had to sit in front of my laptop for almost 20 hours non-stop. Then my eyes gave up. They became blurrier than ever. Gosh! But I found myself enjoy wearing glasses. My eyesight was clearer and I didn't have to struggle to read small writings, though I still couldn't read the tiny ones.

But, that was until Saturday night, when I was watching the final round of UEFA Champions League. I put my glasses on the couch, and then I sat on them. Repeat: I. Sat. On. Them. Here's what they look like now:

Perfect. Just when I need them the most. Can you believe that this is the fifth time I did this? Repeat: fifth time. Argh! I'm so mad at myself!

And because it's the fifth time, I don't have the guts to tell my parents that I need to repair my glasses (or else I'm partially blind). I have to use my own money *sigh*. I had come to the shop today and decided that I would just buy another pair instead, cause the broken one is too vulnerable cause it's rimless, I guess. I must not be careless this time.

Anyhoo, AECS is getting closer, ladies and gentlemen. I got additional Scrabble boards from SAC:
But one of them has only 99 tiles, so it can't be used. It means that we got 13 boards for the competition. That's more than what we need. But we still need more timekeeper and scorer.

This is totally unrelated to anything I said above, but Mr Boyfriend just texted me:
Just finished 15 sit-ups, hope my stomach is slimmer tomorrow :p
He seriously thinks that burning his belly fat can be done overnight by only 15 sit-ups. Silly boy! Haha :p

Oh and congrats to Barcelona for the trophy! Too bad Chelsea couldn't make it to the final this season. I hope next season will be much better for them, both in domestic and European leagues. We'll keep the blue flag flying high! :D

Kay. I gotta stop rambling now. Haha! So, how was your Sunday/Monday? ;D


PS. My student is gonna have the SNMPTN test tomorrow. Wish him luck, lads!

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