(i hope) it's (not) too late to apologise

I apologise for all the negative things I've posted in this blog lately. I'm depressed like a 13 years old, God! Haha... But I'm fine today. See pictures above? I'm actually smiling, though my eyes are still puffy and burning after crying pathetically all night. Boy am I such a crybaby.

This morning I went to SMKN 10 to ask for permission to do the observation for ESP Course Design Class. The person in charge gave me the permission to do it on 6th of June, one day after AECS. That's good because at least I don't have to think about the observation until then. What a relief!

And my boss texted me, telling me that I've to come to work on Monday. It will be my last meeting with my student because he will have the SNMPTN test on Tuesday. I'm so nervous about it. What if he fails? Or worst, what if he fails in English? I keep telling myself that I've been doing great so far, and if he should fail, then it's not my fault. But still, I'm nervous. Gosh...

I have to take a break. That's why I'm here right now, in KFC MTC. I didn't actually kill a cow, so I couldn't make the burger, therefore I bought one. Here. In KFC. Haha! (I got a bad sense of humour :p)

Perhaps this is what I really need: a me time =]

I may become gloomy again when I'm alone in my room tonight. Well, at least I'm having fun right now. I love me. Me is a brave girl. Me is gonna tackle down all the obstacles. Me's been in worse situations and she could make it through the stormy seas. Me can make it too now.


PS. I actually don't want to tell you about this because I want to win a pair of shoes from this giveaway on Michelle's blog. Do NOT enter! :p