"guess who's back? back again... putdar's back, tell a friend!"

Oh yeah. I got those lips and two swollen eyes ;p

Oh, Lord. It feels nice to be back again. Do you miss me? ;D

This week's been kinda crazy. The presentations went kinda bad, I guess. PLSBT was pretty good, but ESP Course Design was not. And Management of Education was bad, we got interrupted by the teacher (=[). While Curriculum and Educating was canceled. I thought this would be the last week I had to give presentation this semester, but it wasn't. I hate postponed tasks =[

Anyways, it's Friday afternoon here, so it is officially weekend. Yay! =D

This weekend I will go to two parties: first is a wedding reception and second is a family gathering. And also, I'm going to get my paycheck tomorrow. How good is that, huh? ;]

Happy weekend, guys! =]


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