yesterday in a quick review

Hello! Last night I was so very super tired that I fell asleep while riding my bike. (I fell asleep! Can you imagine that??!) So, as soon as I found my bed, I passed out. It was a good thing that I wasn't late for Kurpem class. Phew...

What happened yesterday? Well, here is some recap...

I Went to Angkasa High School for an observation

Together with Ian, Entin, Day, Mira, and Jaka, I did an observation regarding the management of KTSP for the Management of Education class. It went pretty smooth because Ian is an alumni. The students were co-operative too. Huzzah! Doing the field research was fun, but when it came to make the paper... yeah, you know what happened next :p

Mr Boyfriend Joined a Debate Competition in UIN Sultan Gunung Djati

He was supposed to go with us to Angkasa since he's a member of our group, but due to this competition, he couldn't make it. I was pretty sure he and his team would win the competition. BUT (I had to type it in all caps, because...) it sucked. The committee sucked. Mr Boyfriend wrote a long note in Facebook about this, but I guess I'll just sum it up with my own words.

The committee didn't know what a 'debate competition' was. They thought it was some sort of speech contest, only in groups of three. Why? Because the (so-called) adjudicators didn't say anything about the participants' argumentations when they delivered the comments. They only commented on the participants' grammar, pronunciation, expression, eye-contact, yada yada yada... I'm not a debater. I'm not a member of EDC. But I know the basic rules. The position of adjudicators should be filled by those who are expert in debating, not teachers like the adjudicators in this competition. And the most important factor in debate is the argumentation, duh!

It was crazy. Our team walked out of the competition. They learnt a lesson, though, to NEVER join Saeed debatecompetition EVER AGAIN.

There. I've said it.

I Got Bruises on My Right Arm

I slipped and almost fell down. Luckily, I got my right hand to grab the door frame. Unluckily, my arm smashed pretty hard on it and now I got bruises there. It takes a long time for my body to heal bruises. I'm lucky to never have any bruise on my face. If I did, I would look miserable for weeks!

Mr Boyfriend had Pempek Kulit for Dinner

So, apparently, this is how a Sundanese eats Pempek. With spoon and fork! :p
(No offense to Sundanese people and/or Mr Boyfriend)

That was my yersterday. How was yours?


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