Hola, mis amigos! I came home at 6.30 and I am so WEARY! Today was very tiring even though I did nothing but sitting and eating. I guess I'm getting older (?) Well, well, well...

Kay. So, this morning I went to campus to attend a seminar on Teaching Academic Writing by Using Blogs. My girls came too. Ian also brought her two friends along. It was not that interesting because I'd already known almost everything that was presented, but I was so excited to meet my English teacher when I was in high school, Miss Dwi! =D (She's the lady in purple veil on the picture above.) She said that I looked a lil bit thinner (yes, I am =[) and then we talked about my high school. I really miss it, yet I never have time to visit. So sad =[

In the afternoon, Day, Entin, and I went to KFC Sukawangi to have lunch and meet Yohan, and then we did our Sociolinguistics mini research. We've had this assignment since the beginning of the semester and it is due on Wednesday, yet we've just started doing it TODAY. Imagine! We are supposed to conduct a mini research on whatever aspect of Sociolinguistics appeared on the textbook and then write a 2,000-2,500 word journal about it. Fortunately, your favourite procrastinators successfully wrote about 1,500 in just 3 hours (praise the Lord!) We gotta finish it ASAP, but I am pretty sure we'll finish it on time (though I'm not really sure that we'll get good grades on it. Haha!)

And ^these^ are the toilet doors in KFC. One word: hilarious.

Last but not least, I just found out about this online photobooth yesterday and am addicted already! It's not really special, I swear. Yet I am so addicted and I've been taking tons of photos. Go check it out and be addicted too! =D


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