*WARNING: This post might be a little image heavy*

As I told you yesterday, today Mr Boyfriend and I went on a tour around the city. It was surprising how I didn't know much about this city (the city I was born in and have been living in since!) This tour was basically a kind of flashback to the time of Madam Inggit Garnasih and President Sukarno (Indonesia's 1st president). We went to the places where they had stayed. We also went to the old cell where Sukarno was jailed years ago. It was fun, fun, fun (though it wasn't like the 'date' I wanted it to be. Might or might not tell y'all later 'bout it) but I am so TIRED now!! I need a good sleep, for tomorrow I'll have Translating and Interpreting midterm test, and I haven't studied yet. Eep!

Mr Boyfriend having his breakfast before the tour began

The girl in pink scarf is Pia, my college friend and also our tour guide

This mosque is unique because it has Chinese architecture

The remainings of Sukarno's cell in Banceuy

Well, I don't know who this is. Do you? :p

This is us in front of the Grand Mosque

The Grand Mosque


Our final destination: Madam Inggit's house

It's Pia again, at our final session

Inside the house (the last picture is kinda blurry. Sorry...)


PS. About the title, 'ngaleut' is a Sundanese word for 'touring' =]

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