kiss, kiss :*

Hahahaha! I put such an absurd title for this post. It's simply because I don't know what to tell. I just want to write a blog post, so here I am. Sorry if this post turns out to be the most "what the?" post of all. I should've been doing Translating assignment or sleeping cause tomorrow I'm gonna be a princess on a white horse (literally, I guess? I mean, since Rosalinda is white, so... yeah... :p) early in the morning, BUT I am blogging instead. Haha!

Today, we finally had Exploding Putri Exploring Poetry midterm test. Don't ask how I did cause I don't want to talk about it. I'd be glad even if I got a C. Don't ask why!

This afternoon, I had a sudden craving for Dunkin' Donuts. I don't know why. I actually hadn't had it since, like, five years ago. I told Mr Boyfriend about it and he drove me to the nearest DD and I bought two chocolate donuts. Yum! =D

Now, now, Putdar, off to bed! Gonna be busy tomorrow cause I'm going to be an LO for the NUEDC. Tell ya later!


PS. I once again tell you that I am not affiliated with any company I mention in this blog. It's merely craving.

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