jion fest 2011

Today, Mr Boyfriend and I went to JION Fest 2011 held by Japanese Education students in campus. It was quite fun, though it was sunny all time we were there and it was H-O-T (plus the fact that I ate lots of things which came in a plastic or styrofoam package but there wasn't any single trash can in sight there!). All I did there was eat, eat, and EAT. I didn't even watch the drama preformances nor did I watch the bands. I was eating all the time!

And after Kare Rice, Green Tea, Twisted Potato, Okonomiyaki, Es Serut, and Takoyaki, I gave up. I was stuffed! And I found this cute little elephant bracelet too. Yay! I don't really like the pink thread, but whatever... It's ELEPHANT!!

I also got this pin after waiting for about two hours. Mr Boyfriend was so glad when we finally got it. (FYI, he's collecting badges)

And the impact of this eating madness is 1) my stomach is aching now; and 2) I'm super tired. But still, I'm happy =]

Happy weekend!


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