it's monday again

11 Apr 2011

Well, of course it is Monday. And if you know me (so well :p), you must have already known that as usual...

Let's see... Today I

  • should've had Translating midterm test today, but I didn't. Why? I have no idea! Neither do I know if it was good or not to have this test postponed.
  • should've had Interpreting midterm test too, but the teacher asked if we were ready for the test or not. We (of course) said no. Then the teacher agreed to postpone it until next week.
  • still can't believe I still have two midterm tests next week! Last night I studied for Translating test until past midnight with the fan on because it was hot. And it was all useless =[
  • should've gone to work at 3.30pm, but it rained until 6pm so I ended up not going at all.
  • have menstrual cramps again =[
  • broke my toe nail. I accidently kicked Entin's bed. It huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuurts :'(
  • got a free Popmie =D

Last night's struggle (-_-")

The broken toe nail

The free Popmie. Haha!

How was your Monday?


PS. I am not affiliated with Popmie and its company in any way. It's pure an excitement of winning a prize.

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