again, i forgot to put a title and have to go back and edit it *sigh*

It was 84 degrees this afternoon in my city. H-O-T! I had to drag this fan from the livingroom to my bedroom and I had to take a nap in nothing but my birthday suit (not exactly, actually. Haha!)

Aside of the high temperature we had, today my family went to two wedding receptions. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, TWO wedding receptions. We ate so much at the first reception that we were stuffed and couldn't eat anything at the second reception. Haha!

Anyway, one of the invitation cards we got has this picture on its back:

It's rude, isn't it? To ask people to just give money and not to bring gifts and send flowers. I can't believe how rude people are nowadays.

Also, I'm going to have Translating and Interpreting midterm test tomorrow, but why oh why do I not have any motivation to study? =[


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