in which i'm almost flat broke again

18 Apr 2011

I always wonder why weekend has to pass by so fast. And here comes Monday with all its monotonous thingy. I attend three classes every Monday but NONE of them is of my interest. Really. Here's what actually happened in my life this Monday:

  • Yes, yes. As usually, I had Translating class at 7. It was the miderm test today. I did pretty good magnificent on it. I'd be glad even if I only got C. (I actually don't expect too much this semester. I mean... Translating? Interpreting? Guidance & Counceling? Exploring Poetry? All these subjects I take this semester are nothing I'm good at!)
  • However, my Interpreting teacher didn't come, so the midterm test we were supposed to have is postponed (AGAIN) until next week. I just can't believe.
  • I didn't pay attention to my G&C teacher because I had to type teaching materials for today.
  • I went to work.
  • I came back to campus and then I went to 5mu to have dinner with Mr Boyfriend and three EDC members.
  • It only took me 46 minutes to go back home.
  • And the highlight of my day:

The wastafels had soap, can you believe it? The wastafels. In FPBS building. HAD SOAP!!

Kay. I might be overreacting. But it was so surprising!

Anyway, back to my main point (as stated in the title of this post)... I don't really feel like mentioning how much money I earned this month. But I think I need to give you an illustration as to how I waste my money in less than two weeks *sigh*. Well, this month I got + IDR600,000 (about $69). Now I only got IDR7,000 (less than $1) in my wallet. What did I spend the money on, you might ask? Nothing. It ended up being nothing but faeces. The only thing that you can see is this:

I bought this watch from Indri for IDR35,000. The rest of the money was spent to buy EDC t-shirt (Mr Boyfriend insisted. I didn't feel like fighting back, so I just did what he wanted. Haha!), join the tour around the city, sign up for a seminar on writing and blogging, and... buy food. Seriously. The biggest temptation whenever I have money is this craving of various kinds of food.

I must learn how to manage my money.


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