i'm baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack...!!!


This is the background story of my semi-hiatus:
I ran out of my internet credit on Monday. I tried to reload it using the electronic voucher and failed. Then I tried using scratchy voucher and guess what? It failed too! Gosh... I finally bought another SIM card today, and then here I am now, writing a new blog post after being away from the internet for days. Yay!

I got so much to tell that I don't know where to begin. Haha! This might be a little long and image-heavy. It might consume your credit and push it until the limit (yes, I'm talking about you, Hamid! :p), so I don't recommend you to open this post in your phone. Kay?

Right. Now, let me post my Monotonous Monday =]

As usually, this Monday, I

That is all.

On Tuesday, I had ESP Course Design midtest. On Wednesday, we went to the library to finish our Management of Education paper (we haven't finished it, though).

On Thursday, Mr Boyfriend and Alvian competed in a Badminton tournament. They won and will play in the semifinal next Thursday. Their opponents would be Lungguh and Ijal, our classmates. Whichever team win the semifinal match, our class is going to go to the final anyway. Yaaay! =D

Victory sweat :p

And today was...

Yes. I am this happy =D

And the last thing I want to say is...

I had just gone for five days and Blogger has changed! Help?


PS. I won a giveaway from Kenzie. I'm gonna get a new custom header =]

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