i can't believe i write a motivational post =D

I need to gather up my courage to post these photos, actually. They're so embarassing!! They were taken circa 2007-2008 and put on my Friendster (Click the link!) I was on my first years in high school back then. As you can see, the photos were heavy-edited to conceal my pimpled skin (especially the last one!) I was too embarassed to put the "real me" on social networking sites. If you view my Friendster profile and click on my albums, you would see that I have tons of photos like these.

Time goes by and life goes on. I don't do such things anymore. My pimples and I are one package. If I were a good and you bought me, then you would get my pimples too. No additional charge =]. Yes, sometimes I use PhotoScape or GIMP to edit my photos, but I can guarantee you that it's not for concealing my flaws. I know some girls out there who are not comfortable with their skin, curves, etc, etc; who are complaining a lot. Here's for you: don't let your physical flaws affect your flawless inner beauty! Every girl is beautiful in her own way. Chin up. It doesn't matter what the magazines and fashion industry tell you, you should not wear things you're not comfortable with. You like to wear jeans at any occassions? Go for it. You like to cut your hair short? Go for it. You like to eat cakes? Go for it. Live happily, live beautifully.

There. I've said it =]


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