hey, monday!

No. This post isn't about the band, but...

Kay. It's not monotonous, actually, cause Translating class was canceled since the teacher didn't come. Guidance & Counceling teacher didn't come either, so I only had Interpreting class, in which (to my relief) I finally had midterm test! We were allowed to open our book, so it wasn't that hard. I even got a chance to take pictures :p

Look at how serious Memi and Ridho were :p

After the test, my girls and I did our assignments. We currently have tons of assignments. Literally. This afternoon, we did G&C assignment, Language in Socitey mini research, and ESP Course Design assignments, not to mention the Curriculum & Educating and PLSBT presentations. I really want to have P-Man's doll!

Oh, and... Last Monday I told you about the wastafels had soap, right? The mirror is also cleaner now. Yay for the new cleaning service! =D

And since it is always clean now, I might post more photos like this from now on :p

Right. I have to kick some butts (aka ASSignments). Bye now!


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