graduation day

No. Not mine, of course. I'm only on my fourth semester now. Haha! Today is the graduation day in my college, the first this year (we have three graduation days every year). I want to show you how the graduation day usually is in my college. *WARNING: This post is image heavy*

You might expect this:

But, what you'd really see is this:

Yeah. Just like Gasibu in a Sunday morning, you would find many merchants who sell these:

Or these:

Or even THESE:

Can you believe?

I, of course, didn't buy such stuffs in such places. Instead, I bought food and drink (like always). My drink was kinda weird. It had a pair of chopsticks with it.

And I found this (YAY!):

And while walking down the crowded (market) street, I constantly got left behind Mr Boyfriend. He walked so fast! =[

Why on earth was it so hard for me to keep up with him and synchronise our footsteps? =[

Oh and, remember the badminton tournament I told you about two weeks ago? The semifinal was supposed to be held on last Thursday, but it is postponed until tomorrow. Yay! Wish Mr Boyfriend luck, sweet fellas! =D


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