the day memi got trapped in the elevator

Yesterday was a bad day for Memi. We were going to attend the coordination meeting of AECS at the 4th floor of FPBS. We waited for the elevator and then the door of one in the right (which stops only at 1st, 3rd, and 5th floor) opened. Tsara, Mr Boyfriend, and I decided to just go to the 5th floor and then go down the stairs one level. But Memi refused and said that he would wait for the other elevator (which stops only at 1st, 2nd, and 4th floor) instead. So we left without him. The elevator door opened at the 3rd floor but no one got out. Then, right before the door closed, the power went out. We then got out of the elevator while laughing and cheering at how lucky we were. If the door had already closed, we would be trapped inside!

And then we went along happy and cheerful. But wait a minute... MEMI!

We got panicked and ran back to the elevator. Right at that time, he called Tsara's phone and asked for help (thank goodness he could get good reception in there). Mr Boyfriend went downstairs and told the security about it. And guess what the security said? "Don't worry. They'll get out eventually. The power will be back sooner or later." And we were like "Whaaaaa??"

I don't know how but five minutes later Memi came to the meeting room, safe and sound! He was shocked. He said he thought he'd die there. But he's fine, thank goodness!


PS. He wrote about it on his blog. Check it out! =]

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