quoted saturday

30 Apr 2011


"Will you be my shoulder when I'm gray and older? Promise me tomorrow starts with you."


the day you turned around

29 Apr 2011


We remember how we used to spend days and nights, laughing at your stupidity.
You weren't stupid.
You were just funny.
We remember how your smile used to be, framed in a beatifully done long hair.
And then you turned around.

We miss you.
The old you.
Will you ever come back to our arms?


ten random songs in my playlist

Tonight I put all the musics I have on random. Here is the first ten played. It might be a little mixed up in genre, but please do enjoy =]


the day memi got trapped in the elevator

28 Apr 2011

Yesterday was a bad day for Memi. We were going to attend the coordination meeting of AECS at the 4th floor of FPBS. We waited for the elevator and then the door of one in the right (which stops only at 1st, 3rd, and 5th floor) opened. Tsara, Mr Boyfriend, and I decided to just go to the 5th floor and then go down the stairs one level. But Memi refused and said that he would wait for the other elevator (which stops only at 1st, 2nd, and 4th floor) instead. So we left without him. The elevator door opened at the 3rd floor but no one got out. Then, right before the door closed, the power went out. We then got out of the elevator while laughing and cheering at how lucky we were. If the door had already closed, we would be trapped inside!

And then we went along happy and cheerful. But wait a minute... MEMI!

We got panicked and ran back to the elevator. Right at that time, he called Tsara's phone and asked for help (thank goodness he could get good reception in there). Mr Boyfriend went downstairs and told the security about it. And guess what the security said? "Don't worry. They'll get out eventually. The power will be back sooner or later." And we were like "Whaaaaa??"

I don't know how but five minutes later Memi came to the meeting room, safe and sound! He was shocked. He said he thought he'd die there. But he's fine, thank goodness!


PS. He wrote about it on his blog. Check it out! =]

a brief recap of yesterday

27 Apr 2011

Last night, I was about to write a new post when all of the sudden my eyes got so heavy. I fell asleep in full clothes, without washing my face, and with the laptop still on and connected to the internet. I think maybe I was very tired. But I'm glad that I had such a good sleep last night =]

So, as I told you, yesterday was our 18th month as an item. We didn't celebrate it nor did we do something special, but we did go out to have dinner together at WS =]

I love him =]


one year six months ago

26 Apr 2011

This smile has been mine since one year six months ago.
One year six months and I still haven't had enough.
(10/26/09 - 04/26/11)


hey, monday!

25 Apr 2011

No. This post isn't about the band, but...

Kay. It's not monotonous, actually, cause Translating class was canceled since the teacher didn't come. Guidance & Counceling teacher didn't come either, so I only had Interpreting class, in which (to my relief) I finally had midterm test! We were allowed to open our book, so it wasn't that hard. I even got a chance to take pictures :p

Look at how serious Memi and Ridho were :p

After the test, my girls and I did our assignments. We currently have tons of assignments. Literally. This afternoon, we did G&C assignment, Language in Socitey mini research, and ESP Course Design assignments, not to mention the Curriculum & Educating and PLSBT presentations. I really want to have P-Man's doll!

Oh, and... Last Monday I told you about the wastafels had soap, right? The mirror is also cleaner now. Yay for the new cleaning service! =D

And since it is always clean now, I might post more photos like this from now on :p

Right. I have to kick some butts (aka ASSignments). Bye now!


dude, he's soooooooooooo gorgeous now!

24 Apr 2011


I'm quite sure you still remember ^this^ movie and the TV series on which it was based. I was a big fan of the series and I had watched all the episodes and if you had too, then you might still remember the McGuires.


And with the family in your mind, you might still remember this little annoying brother of Lizzie's.


Now, after years pass us by, what happens to that kid? Oh well, like any other kids, he's grown up... to be this GORGEOUS creature!







23 Apr 2011

Hola, mis amigos! I came home at 6.30 and I am so WEARY! Today was very tiring even though I did nothing but sitting and eating. I guess I'm getting older (?) Well, well, well...

Kay. So, this morning I went to campus to attend a seminar on Teaching Academic Writing by Using Blogs. My girls came too. Ian also brought her two friends along. It was not that interesting because I'd already known almost everything that was presented, but I was so excited to meet my English teacher when I was in high school, Miss Dwi! =D (She's the lady in purple veil on the picture above.) She said that I looked a lil bit thinner (yes, I am =[) and then we talked about my high school. I really miss it, yet I never have time to visit. So sad =[

In the afternoon, Day, Entin, and I went to KFC Sukawangi to have lunch and meet Yohan, and then we did our Sociolinguistics mini research. We've had this assignment since the beginning of the semester and it is due on Wednesday, yet we've just started doing it TODAY. Imagine! We are supposed to conduct a mini research on whatever aspect of Sociolinguistics appeared on the textbook and then write a 2,000-2,500 word journal about it. Fortunately, your favourite procrastinators successfully wrote about 1,500 in just 3 hours (praise the Lord!) We gotta finish it ASAP, but I am pretty sure we'll finish it on time (though I'm not really sure that we'll get good grades on it. Haha!)

And ^these^ are the toilet doors in KFC. One word: hilarious.

Last but not least, I just found out about this online photobooth yesterday and am addicted already! It's not really special, I swear. Yet I am so addicted and I've been taking tons of photos. Go check it out and be addicted too! =D


quoted saturday


"My smile's an open wound without you."


i can't believe i write a motivational post =D

22 Apr 2011

I need to gather up my courage to post these photos, actually. They're so embarassing!! They were taken circa 2007-2008 and put on my Friendster (Click the link!) I was on my first years in high school back then. As you can see, the photos were heavy-edited to conceal my pimpled skin (especially the last one!) I was too embarassed to put the "real me" on social networking sites. If you view my Friendster profile and click on my albums, you would see that I have tons of photos like these.

Time goes by and life goes on. I don't do such things anymore. My pimples and I are one package. If I were a good and you bought me, then you would get my pimples too. No additional charge =]. Yes, sometimes I use PhotoScape or GIMP to edit my photos, but I can guarantee you that it's not for concealing my flaws. I know some girls out there who are not comfortable with their skin, curves, etc, etc; who are complaining a lot. Here's for you: don't let your physical flaws affect your flawless inner beauty! Every girl is beautiful in her own way. Chin up. It doesn't matter what the magazines and fashion industry tell you, you should not wear things you're not comfortable with. You like to wear jeans at any occassions? Go for it. You like to cut your hair short? Go for it. You like to eat cakes? Go for it. Live happily, live beautifully.

There. I've said it =]


back to december

21 Apr 2011

I've had this song in my laptop for quite a long time and tonight Winamp played it randomly. I paid more attention to it and decided to find the lyrics, then I found out that this song is actually Taylor Swift's apology to Taylor Lautner. Now I shiver every time I listen to it. However, I am quite disappointed by the music video. I personally like music videos which have a storyline on it (like The All-American Rejects' Gives You Hell or Lady GaGa's Telephone) and it doesn't. It only shows Taylor Swift in her house and a boy walking on a snow-covered field and sitting on a bench. But I still like the song, though. I have it on repeat now.

Back to December
by Taylor Swift

I'm so glad you made time to see me
How's life, tell me, how's your family?
I haven't seen them in a while
You've been good, busier than ever
We small talk, work and the weather
Your guard is up and I know why
Because the last time you saw me will still burn in the back of your mind
You gave me roses and I left them there to die

So this is me swallowing my pride,
standin' in front of you, sayin' I'm sorry for that night
And I go back to December all the time
It turns out freedom aint nothin' but missin' you, wishin' I'd realized what I had when you were mine
I go back to December, turn around and make it alright
I go back to December all the time

These days I haven't been sleepin'
Stayin' up playin' back myself leavin'
When your birthday passed and I didn't call
And I think about summer, all the beautiful times
I watched you laughin' from the passenger side and
I realized I loved you in the fall
Then the cold came, the dark days when fear crept into my mind
You gave me all your love and all I gave you was goodbye

So this is me swallowing my pride, standin' in front of you, sayin' I'm sorry for that night
And I go back to December all the time
It turns out freedom aint nothin' but missin' you, wishin' I'd realized what I had when you were mine
I go back to December, turn around and change my own mind
I go back to December all the time

I miss your tan skin, your sweet smile
So good to me, so right
And how you held me in your arms that September night
The first time you ever saw me cry
Maybe this is wishful thinking
Probably mindless dreaming
If we loved again I swear I'd love you right

I'd go back in time and change it but I can't
So if the chain is on your door, I understand

This is me swallowing my pride, standin' in front of you, sayin' I'm sorry for that night
And I go back to December
It turns out freedom aint nothin' but missin' you, wishin' I'd realized what I had when you were mine
I go back to December, turn around and make it alright
i go back to December turn around and change my own mind
I go back to December all the time
All the time


the semifinal and final round of english badminton league 2011

Mr Boyfriend and his teammate, Alvian, played the semifinal round against our classmates: Lungguh and Ijal. Unfortunately, they lost. And so Lungguh and Ijal went on to the final round and played against the boys from class 4A. And they won! So my class is the champion of the EBL this year. Congrats, guys!

Photo is courtesy of Ghea

And for this boy... Don't be sad, honey. I still love you anyway. Hehe :p


graduation day

20 Apr 2011

No. Not mine, of course. I'm only on my fourth semester now. Haha! Today is the graduation day in my college, the first this year (we have three graduation days every year). I want to show you how the graduation day usually is in my college. *WARNING: This post is image heavy*

You might expect this:

But, what you'd really see is this:

Yeah. Just like Gasibu in a Sunday morning, you would find many merchants who sell these:

Or these:

Or even THESE:

Can you believe?

I, of course, didn't buy such stuffs in such places. Instead, I bought food and drink (like always). My drink was kinda weird. It had a pair of chopsticks with it.

And I found this (YAY!):

And while walking down the crowded (market) street, I constantly got left behind Mr Boyfriend. He walked so fast! =[

Why on earth was it so hard for me to keep up with him and synchronise our footsteps? =[

Oh and, remember the badminton tournament I told you about two weeks ago? The semifinal was supposed to be held on last Thursday, but it is postponed until tomorrow. Yay! Wish Mr Boyfriend luck, sweet fellas! =D


"don't let it go to your head."

19 Apr 2011

Lately, I've been feeling irritated over some particular people's behaviours. I've found some of their attitudes are inappropriate. Instead of telling them to cut it off, I become that kind of annoying girl again, ignoring them, which I can't do all the time because they are always a part of my daily activities. I've tried to ignore it. Believe me, I have. I'm afraid I'd blow up in the wrong time and the wrong situation.



PS. The picture actually has nothing to do with this post. I just feel obliged to post it. Hehe... :p

in which i'm almost flat broke again

18 Apr 2011

I always wonder why weekend has to pass by so fast. And here comes Monday with all its monotonous thingy. I attend three classes every Monday but NONE of them is of my interest. Really. Here's what actually happened in my life this Monday:

  • Yes, yes. As usually, I had Translating class at 7. It was the miderm test today. I did pretty good magnificent on it. I'd be glad even if I only got C. (I actually don't expect too much this semester. I mean... Translating? Interpreting? Guidance & Counceling? Exploring Poetry? All these subjects I take this semester are nothing I'm good at!)
  • However, my Interpreting teacher didn't come, so the midterm test we were supposed to have is postponed (AGAIN) until next week. I just can't believe.
  • I didn't pay attention to my G&C teacher because I had to type teaching materials for today.
  • I went to work.
  • I came back to campus and then I went to 5mu to have dinner with Mr Boyfriend and three EDC members.
  • It only took me 46 minutes to go back home.
  • And the highlight of my day:

The wastafels had soap, can you believe it? The wastafels. In FPBS building. HAD SOAP!!

Kay. I might be overreacting. But it was so surprising!

Anyway, back to my main point (as stated in the title of this post)... I don't really feel like mentioning how much money I earned this month. But I think I need to give you an illustration as to how I waste my money in less than two weeks *sigh*. Well, this month I got + IDR600,000 (about $69). Now I only got IDR7,000 (less than $1) in my wallet. What did I spend the money on, you might ask? Nothing. It ended up being nothing but faeces. The only thing that you can see is this:

I bought this watch from Indri for IDR35,000. The rest of the money was spent to buy EDC t-shirt (Mr Boyfriend insisted. I didn't feel like fighting back, so I just did what he wanted. Haha!), join the tour around the city, sign up for a seminar on writing and blogging, and... buy food. Seriously. The biggest temptation whenever I have money is this craving of various kinds of food.

I must learn how to manage my money.



17 Apr 2011

*WARNING: This post might be a little image heavy*

As I told you yesterday, today Mr Boyfriend and I went on a tour around the city. It was surprising how I didn't know much about this city (the city I was born in and have been living in since!) This tour was basically a kind of flashback to the time of Madam Inggit Garnasih and President Sukarno (Indonesia's 1st president). We went to the places where they had stayed. We also went to the old cell where Sukarno was jailed years ago. It was fun, fun, fun (though it wasn't like the 'date' I wanted it to be. Might or might not tell y'all later 'bout it) but I am so TIRED now!! I need a good sleep, for tomorrow I'll have Translating and Interpreting midterm test, and I haven't studied yet. Eep!

Mr Boyfriend having his breakfast before the tour began

The girl in pink scarf is Pia, my college friend and also our tour guide

This mosque is unique because it has Chinese architecture

The remainings of Sukarno's cell in Banceuy

Well, I don't know who this is. Do you? :p

This is us in front of the Grand Mosque

The Grand Mosque


Our final destination: Madam Inggit's house

It's Pia again, at our final session

Inside the house (the last picture is kinda blurry. Sorry...)


PS. About the title, 'ngaleut' is a Sundanese word for 'touring' =]