Today, I went to his place and we played two rounds of Scrabble. No, we didn't play for fun. Scrabble with him means a stressful national game. Just look at his face and you'll understand. My face was not so different than his. Haha! Anyhoo, he won the first game, AND I won the last one. My score was 498 and his was 296. So damn great margin! I had never been able to beat him in our last 10(?) games. Woohoo!! =D

We also took our time to pose in front of his webcam. I was throwing my usual smile (hehe) when he started acting silly. "Hey, look! I'm the headless man!". When I cracked up, he got mad and yelled "You're supposed to be scared!". So I acted like I was scared :p

I came home at dusk. The picture above was taken before I enter the front door. I love how we have this beautiful scenery every night =]

Now reality is calling me. I have to go back down to earth and start finishing my piled-up assignments, including that chapter report which I had promised I would do last night. I'm a procrastinator and I don't wanna change it :p

How was your weekend?