a new blog layout for mijra

Mijra had been begging (yes, begging :p) for me to edit her blog layout. She has 'watching the sky is fun' as her blog address and 'hello, sunshine!' as the title. At first I couldn't decide whether to use sky or sun as the general theme for her blog, but then I found this template on YummyLolly.com called Blue Love Letter. It's so cute! So I decided to use it and then I created a sky header. Here, have a look! =]

I'm so glad I finally made it to edit her blog. I hate, hate, HATE blog with odd layouts (like hers before being touched by me). In my opinion, layout is the most important thing because it gives the first impression. If your blog layout is poorly edited, chances are readers won't be interested, even though you have good writings.

I'm gonna learn how to edit (or even CREATE!) blog themes and layout as soon as possible =]