monotonous monday

28 Mar 2011

Hello! Miss my personal entry? ;-)

I've seen bloggers doing weekly features, like Kaelah's Music Monday, Wedding Wednesday, and Sunday Spotlight, or Kate's TV Tuesday and Truth Thursday, and I myself have been posting Quoted Saturday for a few weeks now, but I really want to try and give a new weekly feature. So here it is: MONOTONOUS MONDAY.

Yes. As dull as it sounds, this feature will be about what happens in my day every Monday. And this Monday, I

  • showed up late (again) to Translating class. Thank goodness the classroom was still locked, so I wasn't considered as "late". Haha... ;
  • didn't get anything from any class I had today;
  • had lunch with Mr Boyfriend;
  • had a little fight with him;
  • stayed for an hour or more in Entin's place;
  • went to work;
  • went home before dusk;
  • have Exploring Poetry and ESP assignments due tomorrow;
  • am blogging instead!

That's it (I guess...) So, how's your Monday been? =]


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  1. my monday :
    -missed the akbank make up class caused of something.
    -stayed at home nyicil this week assignmentsssss ('S' nya banyak = tugasnya pun begitu).

  2. oh, poor you, girl...
    i got tons of ass-ignmentsssssss too. let's beat 'em! =]


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