me time

Today I only had one class in the morning. I showed up an hour late (hehe...) and lucky me, the teacher didn't come. So I was still able to enter the classroom. Just five minute after I set my butt on the chair, the class was dismissed. I would have been pissed if I didn't have any plan after class. But since I did have to go to work, it was fine. It was way more than just "fine", it was awesome! Haha... So to kill the time (because I still got an hour before leaving to work), my girls and I were hanging out on the parking lot, talking about some issues. After that, I went to work. I only worked for about an hour, then I went to Entin's place. But she was leaving to go back to her hometown, so here I am all alone. Mr Boyfriend is also back to his hometown. That's okay, though, because I'm having my me time here in Isola =]

Isola has this pond in front of it. There a lot of big fish. By "a lot" I mean "A LOT!" and by "big" I mean "GIGANTIC!". Yes, yes... They are all so HUGE! Haha... I might feed them someday. When I got here, I saw a lady and her son playing with the fish. I really wanted to join them, but... I was too shy :p

Anywho, please excuse the crappy quality of the last picture. It's so bad because I took it with my webcam.

And... This is the last but not the least =]


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