i take copyright seriously, guys.

Okay. I know I'm nobody. I'm just another girl lost in the blogosphere. I'm just a girl trying to be recognised and known by people. But one thing you must bear in mind is: this blog is mine. Thus, all images, writings, contents, even the header, are mine, unless stated otherwise. Please do not steal or use without any permission or any credit to me, the original author. Do you notice the bottom-most part of this blog? Yes, that might be a free copyright, but that is serious. I told you I'm nobody. I'm not a famous lyricist or poet, that is why if you quote my works and place it on your blog/Facebook/Twitter/whatever without mentioning my name as the author, people wold think that they are yours! Please be responsible cause I take it (really) seriously. If you ask for my permission first, I would be glad to let you use them, really!


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