a glimpse of my day

This morning, I woke up at 4.50am, slightly earlier than usual. I finished my breakfast circa 6.30am and I was quite sure I would be late for Translating class (again!), but the class was canceled! (Lucky? Err...) After Translating, I had Interpreting class in my schedule. I gave an unwell-prepared presentation on stages of memory, but the teacher said it was a good presentation! Yaay...! =D

In Guidance and Counseling class, there wasn't anything special. But there was an announcement that the PLSBT class would be on Tuesday instead of Friday. I have to go earlier tomorrow. Gah!

I downloaded Katy Perry's One of the Boys. Yeah, I know that album is soooo last year. No, it's soooo three years ago. Haha!


And my first day as a private English teacher was... quite interesting. My student is a boy my age. He's planning to take the SNMPTN this year, but he asked what the word 'they' meant. And I was like... "SERIOUSLY, BOY??!" Haha! I was shocked. Really.

I have jumped into conclusion that I've never posted a picture of myself wearing glasses, correct? So here it is... (Whoa, Putdar! You're so narcissistic! :p)

So, how was your day? =]


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