found in borma

My mom and I went to Borma to do some grocery shopping tonight. While she was looking for shampoo, I wandered around the bags session. And look what I found there!

Yes, yes. It's an elephant bag, ladies and gentlemen. AN ELEPHANT BAG. It's IDR39,000. To buy or not to buy?

And while looking for body lotion, my mom found this:

If you don't know what's so special with this lotion, here's the story: My family once had a small shop. One of the stuffs sold there was this lotion. It's IDR1,900 now, but I don't remember how much it cost back then. It's such a classic lotion (is 'classic' a right word? Haha!). We didn't know that it still exists. So, when my mom found it, we were like "Oh, God! I can't believe it still exists! It's been, like what? Fourteen years?" We were so noisy! Haha...

I also had to fight the urge to play Dance Dance Revolution. Hehe :p


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