challenge accepted!

This morning, Day asked me to wear pashmina. I had never worn one before, cause I kinda felt it would make my face look even more oval and my pimples would be more visible. Nay!! But, on a second thought, perhaps it would be okay to give it a try, just for today. So... yeah, I wore it. And... it looked good! Here, have a look:

Oh hello, Mr Boyfriend! I didn't notice you were behind me ;p

I didn't look that bad, right? Hehe :p

Also, today Entin and I played badminton with other English students. And by 'played' I really mean that we were playing around. She and I cannot play badminton! We didn't have a clue as to what to do next and whose turn to serve it was. Lame!

Yes. That's me. Behind Entin (red-shirt girl).
Please excuse the crappy quality of the picture. Mr Boyfriend took it with his phone in a poor light. Actually, it's an interesting story. When I finished one game (we actually just played ONE GAME ONLY and God, I was sweaty already!), he came and told me that he took some pictures. "You wanna blog about it, right?" he said. Yes, Mister, Yes! You're very right! You know me so well. I love you... =]


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