As you might've noticed, I made some changes to this blog. I widened the post section and darkened the links (as requested by my nice friend, Hamid). I've been thinking about changing the header too. Maybe a picture of elephant(s)? I don't know. I cannot draw and I don't want to use pictures from the internet, as they might have copyrights. I might as well find someone to create it for me... for free. Hehe... (Hey, I'm just a college student! I don't have much money!)

Anyhoo, nobody told me that there is an Exploring Poetry homework. I didn't attend the class last week because of this story, and nobody told me. Sometimes I feel like I don't have friends (and also boyfriend, in this case). But, sometimes I also forget that the only person I can rely on is myself. I should've been proactive, right? Yeah, I know it's my bad.

Kay. Nuff complainin'. I've got a few (FEW!! Look at my choice of diction!) homeworks to do: Interpreting presentation, Exploring Poetry report, ESP Course Design (perhaps?), Language in Society chapter report and literature review for the mini research, Management of Education three chapters handwritten summaries (gotta rent some new hands. Eep!), and... No. That's all.

And! Tomorrow, I'm gonna start my first day as a private English teacher! I'm a bit nervous because my student (whoa! I got an interesting choice of word! :p) wants an intensive course to prepare himself/herself (not quite sure yet) for SNMPTN. I feel like a great amount of mountain is put on my shoulder. O Lord, give me the best.

Last but not least, because I hate word-only blog posts, I give you this picture. Totally unrelated, but I love the caption and the cat's expression. Enjoy! :p



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